Game of the Week

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Each week throughout the semester a game is highlighted from one sport, differing each week. It is broadcasted on the website, advertised, and very eventful! Friends and family come to watch, people across the country can watch the broadcast, and the competition is exciting!

Date/Time                        Sport                            Teams                                    Location

Sat. May 17th

1:00-3:00 pm
Track & Field All Teams Stadium
Sat. May 31st 6:00 pm Women's Lacrosse Spartans Vs. Knights Stadium
Sat. May 31st 8:00 pm Men's Lacrosse Spartans Vs. Hawks Stadium
Fri. June 6th 5:00 pm Golf All Teams Teton Lakes
Sat. June 7th 10:00 am Tennis Knights Vs. Hawks East Tennis Courts
Sat. June 14 7:00 pm Softball Knights Vs. Vikings 4-plex Field 4
Sat. June 21 6:00pm Women's Ultimate Spartans Vs. Hurricanes Stadium
Sat. June 21 8:00pm Men's Ultimate Spartans Vs. Hurricanes Stadium