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Offering information

  • Competitive volleyball is offered for both men & women
  • The competitive volleyball leagues will be offered during the Fall semesters
  • During the offseason (Winter & Spring) volleyball will still be offered in alternative formats to help prepare & develop the coaches and players for the upcoming regular season (Fall)
  • During the regular season the league will have 10 women's & 6 men's teams with 9-12 players on each team, practices typically 1.5 to 2 hours and will be scheduled between 3:30pm and 6:00pm M/W or T/Th.

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o Tryouts @ BYU- Idaho Center

* Sept 19th - 6:00 PM

* Sept 20th - 4:00 PM


o Tryouts @ BYU-Idaho Center

* Sept 19th - 4:00 PM

* Sept 20th - 6:00 PM

Mon/Wed Tu/Th between 4-6 

Participation information

  • $20 participation fee - During the competitive season participants are charged a participation fee when they are selected for a team
  • Tryouts - Each regular season will start with tryouts where players will be evaluated and then the coaches will draft their teams from the pool of eligible players who participated in tryouts
  • Rules - We use the current NFHS volleyball rules
  • Practices & Games - Players need to be available for two practices a week and a game on the weekend
  • Registration - All participants must complete the registration process before they participate in tryouts

Coordinating & Coaching

  • Student run - The program is planned and run by student volunteers with full time employee advisors. This provides practical experience for anyone interested in coaching, officiating and sports administration in their future
  • Coordinator - Each league is run by a volunteer student coordinator
  • Coaches - Each team is coached by a volunteer student coach
  • Officials - The league is officiated by students
  • Get involved - If you are interested in being a coach, coordinator, official or anything else in the program you can apply here