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Don't let what you cannot do, interfere with what you can do. - John Wooden

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Volunteers are needed in every sports program we have on campus.  We love to have volunteers that could be for one hour to working an evening and perhaps more depending upon their availablity.

By serving as a volunteer may be considered for other leadership positions in sports....

Volunteers are needed for many things: including set-up/take down, keeping score, running clocks, timers, webcasting, photo/videography, announcers, writing, fan support, etc. . .


Student Area Director

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The Sports Student Area Director oversees the entire area of sports, which includes Sports Events, Recreational Sports, and Competitive Sports. Student Area Directors are primarily responsible for teaching, training and empowering the Student Directors in that area. They also meet with other Student Area Directors to council about Activities-wide issues....

Teach/Empower/Grow others

Student Area Directors are responsible to teach and empower Student Directors sufficiently that they can succeed in their roles. This is done by teaching the following: The mission and vision of the University, the Activities Program and their area. The structure of the Activities Program and their stewardship area. The roles of the Student Leaders in Activities and their stewardship area. The doctrines and principles of disciple-leadership found in the LBF manual and the scriptures, and how those principles and doctrines apply to what the leaders are actually doing in their stewardships.


New Student Area Directors counsel with the current Student Area Director, current Student Director and Advisors in the selection of new Student Directors for their area. Hold Student Directors accountable. Area Directors are responsible to hold Student Directors accountable for their stewardship. This requires that Area Directors understand not only their own stewardship but also the stewardship of the Student Directors. Understand and apply the Student-Leader Model. Area Directors are not responsible to create and execute all that happens in their area, but they are expected to know what is happening at all levels in their areas and to ensure that programs and events are done to an acceptable level and standard. Area Directors are responsible to oversee marketing efforts in their area. With other Student Area Directors, coordinate efforts for organizational representation at campus wide events (NSO, Spirit Week, etc.).


Student Area Directors meet and counsel regularly with Student Directors as well as observe and provide feedback. Student Area Directors meet and counsel weekly with other Student Area Directors regarding general Activities issues and to study and prepare together for training within their areas.


Return and report Student Area Directors are responsible to Area Coordinators and return and report regularly. The Student Area Directors council is responsible to the Activities Directors.

Area Communication

Student Area Directors work with their Student Directors to see that effective communication processes are in place which include all of the Student Leaders in that area.


Student Area Directors are responsible to see that pertinent information about their area is passed on to the succeeding Student Area Director.

Student Area Director Guidelines

As you consider a student leadership experience in the Student Activities Program, please review the Mission Statement and following guidelines:

Student Activities invites individuals to experience the power of acting for themselves through involvement in student-led programs and events.

Student Leaders are expected to be exemplary in living the Brigham Young University-Idaho Honor Code. Student Leaders are expected to attend BYU-Idaho weekly devotionals. Devotional dress is encouraged when possible. 

Student Leaders will receive a full-tuition scholarship upon being selected and meeting the following qualifications:a. On track during the semester serving and a matriculated full-time student (12 credits minimum). Does not have to be on track to apply, but must be in town for all training.
b. Completed no more than 129 cumulative credits prior to the semester they serve.
c. Must have earned a minimum of 30 credits at BYU-Idaho prior to the semester they serve.
d. Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA and no University restrictions.
e. Serve an average of 10 hours per week. (There may be occasional times in the semester when more time is required.)
f. If employed, it is recommended that the Student Leader not work more than 10 hours per week at an on/off campus job. Employment should be in a different area from where the Student Leader is currently receiving a scholarship.
g. May only serve as a Student Director one semester. May only serve as a Student Area Director one semester. 
h. Student Area Directors must have previous experience at the Coordinator level or above. Student Directors should have had previous experience at the Manager level or above.3. RESPONSIBILITIES 
Student Leaders will attend retreats, meetings, and other events as announced. Student Leaders will enable students to lead, guide, and direct those serving on their boards as they plan and organize activities. 

Must be available to their Student Leaders and Advisors on a regular basis throughout the semester, including checking e-mails regularly for Activities communications. 

Student Leaders are expected to attend Activities Council Meetings as scheduled.  The Student Leader will also hold weekly council meetings for the purpose of leadership training, planning, organizing, etc. in their own area. 

Student Leaders will meet regularly with their Advisor for purposes of training, evaluation, planning, etc.

Student Area Directors must have previous Activities experience at the Coordinator level or above. Student Directors should have had previous experience at the Manager level or above.

Student Director

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Student Directors oversee all coordinators in the competitive program.

Typical week requires 10 hours. 

Directors will meet weekly with advisor and coordinators of each sport. 

Directors recieve a scholarship for their services.




expand Coordinators/Coaches



Coordinators select, teach and train coaches over their sport.

They are in charge of all the details of the sport season. (Selecting coaches, planning tryouts, running drafts, proposing schedules, leading weekly coach's meetings, planning championships, and organizing an end of season reflection....

Coordinators will also meet weekly with the director over their program to receive training and instruction for coordinating their programs.


Coaching is one of most rewarding positions in competitive sports. The time involved in coaching can range from 4-12 hours a week.

Positions could be head coach or assistant coach. The coach is a position where you help a group of individuals to achieve a goal.

Many of the coaches we have are first time coaches. We welcome them. We will interview all head coach candidates to get a feel of their abilities and also to help them understand the time and commitment involved in coaching a competitive sports team.

We typically will have one coaches training meeting each week with the individual sport coordinator. Each coach is expected to prepare his/her practice and set goals with their individual team members. The coach will also prepare and carry out the appropriate preparations for competitions typically held on weekends.

Practices are typically twice a week with one or two games per week.

Coaches evaluate the players at tryouts and draft their team for the season.

Coaches need to be CPR certified and First Response trained.

Operations Positions

expand Operations Positions

Operations Positions


Over see all three sports programs: Competitive, Events and Rec....

Work with all directors and advisers as a resource for their programs/events.

In charge of all the student paid leads position to insure that all sports run smoothly, that includes talking to other activities such as wellness, outdoor and etc. to make sure there are no scheduling conflicts.


Teach principles through Misconduct councils and misconducts. Insure the proper conduct of employees through the staff handbook and staff contract.

Work closely with Sports Operation Supervisor, all the Sports Directors and advisers to run the sports program smoothly and teach other student leads to enforce the Honor Code and Policy and Procedures. Over see SharePoint and all the sports certification, eligibility for leaders and participants.


In charge of training all Games Managers and must make sure all Games Managers are equipped with everything they need to do there responsibilities. Must work closely with Director to insure that all sports run smoothly and gives an end of semester report of all numbers throughout the semester to Advisers.


Help registering players at tryout, making sure all players are eligible to play for games, all coaches are CPR certified and have taken the first response quiz on IMLeagues. They are also in charge of games Set-up, game take down, sports first respondents during the game, sport misconducts during the game, injury reports, and game reports.


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