BYU-Idaho encourages students to explore ideas for new activities. In fact, every aspect of Student Activities is run by Student Leaders. The following information outlines how to get your new activity approved and implemented on campus:

Step #1: Sharing your idea
To do this you will propose your idea through the online application.
If you would like help writing your proposal, you can contact a Student Leader or Advisor by visiting the Activites office in MC 101 (across from the bookstore).

In your online application, select the area you think your event would fall under (ex: a dance would be Social, a workshop would be Talent).
Once you submit your proposal, it will go to the appropriate Student Leader or Advisor for review.

Step #2: Present
After initial review, the Student Leader or Advisor may invite you to present your idea to the Student Activities Council.
The Student Activities Council will hear your proposal and address any concerns. If your idea is not approved, you will need to modify it and present it to the council again.

Step #3: Implement
Once your idea is approved the real work begins. You will then be given the necessary tools to implement your idea as well as mentors (a Coordinator) to help you be successful in your event.

Ready to begin?