Fight the Frown Campaign

Fight the Frown

As part of the campaign we will be wearing our Fight the Frown t-shirts every Friday. Come purchase yours now at the Manwaring Center Activities office, room 101 (across from the bookstore). Shirts are $7.42 (includes tax) bigger sizes are $9.01 (including tax). Come while supplies last.


Fight the Frown is a Social Activities campaign that was started by a hand-full of students on campus who want to make a difference at BYU-Idaho. However, the best part of this program is that it involves more than just a hand-full of people. It involves every single student and teacher on campus, whether they realize it or not.

We have been told that the feelings and the general spirit at BYU-Idaho depends upon those who are privileged to attend this great university. It is up to each individual to invite the Spirit of Ricks into their life and spread it among their classmates and friends.

The Fight the Frown campaign is a way to invite everyone to partake of this wonderful spirit. It starts with you. Smile at a stranger. Say hi to someone. Make a new friend. Unplug the ipod and look up from your phone. Find ways to uplift and encourage through conversation and action.

We will be having weekly Fight the Frown days with specific challenges that will help us take a step out of our comfort zones and reach out.

We know the power of one smile, one greeting, or one friendly face can help change attitudes and bless lives on campus. Join with us and Fight the Frown.

Look up our group and event page on facebook to find out how you can join in the fun.

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Join us at any of our Social Board Meeting held at the Manwaring Center, room 368, every Monday at 5pm.