Weekly Dances

Free during the month of August.  Classroom attire required.  BYU-Idaho standards apply to all participants.
Country: Weekly country dancing includes instruction for the first hour.  Learn basic country/western dance steps for the two-step, line dance, triple, cowboy cha cha, and more.

Swing: You've seen swing dancing, and here's your chance to learn how!  Come enjoy the music and atmosphere of the 1920's and meet new friends at the same time.  If you come for the first hour, you can even join us in one of our classes in Lindy Hop, Charleston, East Coast, West Coast, Single Step, Blues, and many others.  It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

Latin Dance: Latin Dance is a place where many cultures are brought together to learn how to dance to syncopated Latin rhythms. Because of the nature of this dance, people come out of their comfort zones and learn something new. A variety of people attend Latin Dance, which allows people to be introduced to new people and experience new things.

Ballroom: The weekly ballroom dance is a chance to meet people while learning various dances.  The ballroom dance covers many different styles including latin, standard, swing, and social.  Instruction is offered for the first hour, and instructors are available for individual help throughout the dance.  Whether you're waltzing around the dance floor or cha-chaing with a friend, you'll have a great time.