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Come join us in the evening for some rodeo fun!

Ever been to a rodeo? Look no further! Join us June 27th at 6:00 p.m. at Madison County Fairgrounds - BYU-Idaho

Tickets purchased online or at the door, but it will sell out fast so you are better off to purchase your tickets fast.

If you are interested in being a contestant in the No Bull Roundup, purchase your tickets through the Ticket Office website. All contestant fees include a t-shirt and entrance ticket. *Contestants must be a current BYU-Idaho student and will have to sign a waiver. Instructions are on the ticket office website.

  • To participate signup and pay on thls link then come to the Student Activities Office, 101 MC (across from the bookstore) to finish filling out waiver. Must be a student to participate. Our events includes the following:
  • Steer riding (this fills up lickety split... meaning super fast. We will be having 20 male riders and 10 women riders. $25 fee
  • Ribbon Roping (5 seats available) $5 each
  • Team Roping 5 teams (2 people) $10 per team
  • Shoot Dogging (5 seats available) $5 each sign up online at this link 
Description of the Events:
Shoot (Chute) Dogging - Related to steer wrestling, the competitor will start inside the chute with the steer.  When the chute opens the competitor must bring a steer to a line ten feet from the chute and wrestle (or "dog") the steer to the ground.  All four legs of the steer must be off the ground.  The competitor that makes the fastest time wins the event.
TIP ;) (wink) - You'll have better control of the steer by grabbing and holding unto the steer's horn or head.  It takes a lot of strength to bring the steer down, prepare yourself and give it all you got.
Ribbon Roping - The roper will rope the calf or steer, once the steer has been roped and the roper comes to grab hold of the steer, the competitor must run up to the steer and pull the ribbon off of the steers tail.  The competitor must run pass the line to beat the fastest time.
Team Roping - This event features a steer and two mounted riders.  When the steer is out of the chute and running, the ropers will run behind the steer.  The first roper (header) must rope the steer's head and turn the steer to the left.  The second roper (heeler) must rope the steer by its hind feet after the "header" has turned the steer.  A five second penalty will occur if one leg of the steer is caught.  The fastest time wins the event.
Steer Riding - Basically the title says it.  While the steer is running and bucking, the rider must ride the steer for 8 seconds.  The rider must ride with one hand tied to the rope on the steer and the free hand is in the air, and if his or her free hand touches or "slaps" the steer it's an automatic disqualification.  The rider will be judged by how well he or she rides the steer with control and ability.  After the 8 second ride, the rider will receive a score, and the rider with the highest score wins the event.
Hyde Race - A hyde will be pulled behind a horse and the participant will jump on the moving hyde and ride it to the finish line.   
Obstacle course - The course will have a number of difficult and entertaining (at least for the spectators) obstacles for participants to complete. The course will include tossing bails into a truck, roping a fake bull, and dressing a goat. The participant to complete all of the tasks in the fastest time will be the winner!   
***NOT SURE ABOUT IT*** If you guys are nervous or don't know what to do, don't worry!  On the day that you'll compete in the rodeo, we will have professionals there to help you out and understand more the rules, the basics, and other things.  We will tell you how you can be protected if you follow these simple rules.  If you don't listen and do what you are told to do, there may be some pains.  We want you guys to have fun, we are not trying to scare you, this gives you the opportunity to break that fear and have courage.  When it is all over, you'll wish that you could do it again, you'll tell all your friends and family that you have competed in the rodeo, and you'll be the best toughest rodeo competitor of them all.  

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Tickets are $5 with I-card and $7 with out