Mystery Dinner

Aloha! Come join in the fun with your friends or a date to solve the murder mystery of the late Chase Diamond. This setting will be in the beautiful Island of Hawaii. Everyone plays a part and everyone is a suspect. Dress the part explained on your ticket and enjoy a fantastic dinner party.

Date: October 21

Place: Taylor Cultural Hall

Time: 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Cost: $9.00 with I-card $13 at the door if spots are available

Dinner: A do-it-yourself variety of salads, multiple topping combinations for Hawaiian Haystacks, and make-your-own ice-cream sundaes.

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Chief Honikaua Wiki-Wiki: Pronounced HO-nee koe-ah-wi-KEE-wi-KEE (loosely translated means "kiss me quick"). A direct descendent of a royal Polynesian family, Chief Wiki-Wiki stays true to ancient customs and notions of justice.

Holly Day: A wealthy socialite sailing the South Seas with her husband in their seventy foot yacht.

Joey Breakers: Known as "Bo-Jo," this bodacious surfer dude is seeking the ultimate wave. He also worked odd jobs for his college buddy Chase.

Lavender Koi: This reclusive farmer cares more about lettuce varieties than having friends. For her, the success of her Koi Cooperative Farm comes above all else.

Leilani: This Hawaiian hula dancer is a popular entertainer at island hotels. She created a special hula dance for Chase in honor of his birthday.

Les Baggs: A camera-toting, befuddled and bumbling tourist. While he can't seem to do anything right, his sweetness inspires sympathy from the Islanders.

Nadia Seymour: A fitness model who has just finished a photo-shoot and is vacationing in Maui before returning to the fashion runways of New York.

Rip Tide: A daring scuba instructor who has traveled the world and knows how to make a mean milkshake.

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