Mystery Dinner

Help solve the mystery of the Airport Assassin!

Your seat assignment will determine the character you play. Sign up at the same table with your friends to play along with them.

When: June 14th, 2014

Time: 6:00- 8:00 p.m. (must arrive 15 minutes early or seat will be re-sold)

Where: Taylor Cultural Hall 

Price: With I-Card $9.00  or $13 without

Several passengers waited at the gate to catch their redeye flight out of Chicago O'Hare International Airport. They'd spent the week traveling across the United States; now, they were on their ways back to their respective homes, laden with knick-knacks and paraphernalia.
Suddenly, a scream echoed in the terminal. The travelers rushed to where one of their companions, Angelique Beaudette, lay dead on the airport tile. The authorities are holding all outbound planes until the mystery of Angelique's death can be solved. Do you have what it takes to discover the airport assassin?


Aaron Smith - native of the beautiful Colorado hills and mountains. Aaron loves anything to do with hiking and the outdoors. No one is really sure why he's traveling to Europe, but they figure it must be for some earthy hiking expedition.

Mariska Van den Bos - from Amersfoort, Nederland. Mariska is an avid cyclist and came on this vacation to scout out the best sites for some rides and to drum up some sponsors for the next big race. She's been to the States before, but never on an official tour.

Angelo Velasquez - from Barcelona, Spain. This is Angelo's first visit to the United States. He planned to take the trip with his brother, but the funds fell through at the last minute. He dreamed of becoming a matador, but decided to go into the family business instead. Why not take advantage of the easy in?

Edith White - from Huntingdon, near London. Edith travels the world and takes her trips very seriously. She's traveled with this same tour group for many years, and she's upset to experience this unusual setback in her plans, since she planned to submit her photos and travel experiences to a prestigious travel magazine.

Louis Allemand - from Rouen, France. Louis loves this tour for the diversity and relief from daily monotony, though he's had a little trouble with customs agents on past expeditions. A worldwide gourmet, Louis is remarkably particular about his cuisine. So particular, in fact, that he often smuggles special cheeses or beverages about his person.

Klara Bauer - Fussen, Bavaria, Germany. Klara loves to sing and spent her life until now performing in local venues. Not only does she yodel, she prides herself on being able to perform in three languages. Hopefully the talent scouts in New York will be equally impressed by her abilities.

Alan Douglas - Edinburgh, Scotland. Alan specializes in American Studies at the University of Edinburgh. He's on this vacation gathering firsthand curriculum to use in next semester's courses. His students will be so impressed to hear about all of this excitement.

Antonietta Fioni - Someday (hopefully soon) you'll see Antonietta's name in the titles of the next big film or on the list of nominations for the best actress of the century. This trip will be great preparation for when she tours the States as a Star.

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