Last Nephite Standing

Cost: $2 employees or students only

Purchase your ticket, click here

Mandatory Meeting: (must attend one or will be disqualified and there is NO REFUND!)

November 8th MC 368 and 369 at 2:00 p.m.

November 10th MC 368 and 369 at 11:00 a.m.

Game begins on Monday, November 12th thru November 17th.

Game results and awards given November 17th 11:00 am Hinckley Gym

For more information please email

And behold, in this the two thousandth and twelfth year since the coming of our Lord the Lamanites have once again come against the Nephites in battle. Nevertheless the come not with bows & arrows but do fight with their bare hands merely tagging Nephites to convert them insomuch that they do become Lamanites.

Yea and the Nephites have little to defend themselves save it be their socks to throw at their enemies. Therefore they do flee before the Lamanites whilst they do try to tag them with their hands. Nevertheless the Nephites are brave in heart and will resist until the Last Nephite is Standing. And now, behold, we urge you our brethren and sisters to join in the cause against the Lamanites and try to become the Last Nephite Standing. The battle commences November 12th through November 17th.

Rules of Conduct:

· Nephites and Lamanites may only engage in conflict on campus

· All buildings on campus are "no play zones," where the game is permanently suspended. No Nephite may be tagged there.

Nephite Rules:
• Staying On Campus: Nephites must be on campus at least once every day. If you need to leave campus for longer than 24 hours, contact the game moderators and remove yourself from the game.

· I.D. Number: Nephites must keep an index card with their unique identification number on them at all times.

• Wearing a Button: Nephites must wear a button (provided by activities) on their right shoulder to signify that they are playing the game.
• When Tagged By a Lamanite: When tagged by a Lamanite, a Nephite is required to distribute their ID card. One hour after being tagged, place a sticker on their button and begin tagging Nephites.

Lamanite Rules:

· Tagging: Lamanites must tag every 48 hours. A Lamanite must report their tag on the website (facebook).

· Wearing a Button and Sticker: Lamanites must wear a button on their right shoulder with a sticker in the middle of it.

• Tagging: A tag is a firm touch to any part of a Nephite. After tagging a Nephite the Lamanite must collect their ID card and report the tag.

Other Rules:
• Non-Player Interference: People who are not registered participants may not directly interact with the game. This includes bringing food to humans or spying for either team.

· Athletes: Athletes are safe during official practices, but not on the way to or from practice.

• Required Academic Events: Similarly, students at required academic events are safe for the duration of the event (even if this event is in a free-play zone), but they are not safe on the way to or from the event.

***Any player found not following any of the above rules will automatically be disqualified from the game and will not receive a refund.

***There will be a mandatory meeting to attend either Thursday November 8th @ 2pm or Saturday November 10th at 11 am in the MC Little. If you fail to attend this meeting you will be disqualified from the game and will not receive a refund.


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