English Country Dancing

 Wednesday Nights Hinckley Overflow/Multipurpose, Room 286

$1 with I-card Pay once at any of the weekly dances that night (English country, swing, or country) and get into all three for the evening.

English country dancing (ECD) is contra dancing from the British Isles which arose during the Renaissance and remained popular into the early 1800s, before the advent of ballroom. It is popularly associated with Jane Austen. If you have ever seen Pride and Prejudice, ECD is Mr. Darcy's jam (if there is a lady handsome enough to tempt him). It is also what we do at the Jane Austen Yule Ball in the fall.

Do not worry about bringing a partner.

As an encouragement to you men, do not worry about leading the ladies: each dance has set steps.
Attending weekly is a wonderful way to help prepare for the first ever Jane Austen Summer Formal on July 9th, 7:00 - 10:00 pm in the Spori Quad. $5 with I-card in advance, and $7 "at the door."

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