Dart art

Dart Art 

Saturday March 22nd 1 - 4 pm


Dart art

The object of this activity is to help students enjoy an opportunity to use spontaneous and chaotic methods to create their own work of art. We will have paint filled balloons that the participant can select their own colors from. We tie the balloons and the canvas to the board.  They will then step back and toss their darts at the balloons.  When a balloon is punctured the paint will run down the paper. Once the participant pops all the balloons they may take their picture and keep it.  Each participant will have the opportunity to take something away from this event! 

Giant Paint twister

The original game of Twister is fun, but it can get boring after a while. Why not switch it up, throw in some variations, bring it outdoors, add more people, and amp up the fun? That's exactly what you will expect with Paint Twister. With a splash of paint on each color it becomes messy fun. So come with your roommates, friends, and who knows maybe that cute boy or girl will be there too. With this game the possibilities are endless! Be sure to come in clothes you don't care to get washable paint on. 

  • Available For Winter