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Social Activities invites students to gather, develop socially, discover their capacity for success and obtain a lasting desire to help others recognize their own potential.

Dance Punch Card (No expiration)

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or cash at the cashiers window or at the dance.

NOTE: This punch card is not limited to just one person, you may use it for just yourself or up to 15 people at one time.

If you're an avid dancer, we are now offering a $15 punch card good for 15 weekly dances, including Party in the Hart (aka 15 dances for $15). You may purchase it at the door of the dances or purcahse online.

The price for all weekly dances and Party in the Hart has increased to $2 with I-card and $3 without. But with this card you are only paying $1 dollar.

Paying at one dance gets you in to both dances for that night; Country and Swing or Latin and Ballroom.

Leadership Program - Get Involved

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Leadership Program - Get Involved


Want to get involved? Join anytime! Drop in at our weekly Get Involved meetings every Monday at 5pm in Manwaring Center 372 (Little Theater) & bring a friend. OR Drop in the Activities office (Manwaring Center 101, across from the University Store) and ask to speak to a Student Leader over Social Activities. ...

You can also explore the Get Involved tab on this website to see different types of positions and fill out an application.  ALSO, Check out our YOUTUBE VIDEO to find out more about us: SOCIAL ACTIVITIES DOCUMENTARY 2013

Winter 2015 events needing Volunteers:

  1. Classic Movie Night Occasional Fridays
  2. Valentines Ball SAT Feb 14
  3. Swing Dancing Wednesdays
  4. Country Dancing Wednesdays
  5. Latin Dancing Fridays
  6. Ballroom Dancing Fridays
  7. Jane Austen Practices/Ball Thursdays
  8. Dr. Who event
  9. Party in the Hart SAT Jan 10, Feb 7, Mar 14
  10. Gamers United FRI March 6th
  11. Mystery Dinner SAT March 7th
  12. Etiquette Dinner THURS March 19th
  13. FanFaire (like ComiCon)
  14. Game Shows Live
  15. Chess
  16. Game Night Fridays
  17. Married Date Challenge

Interested in becoming a Manager or Volunteer for an event listed above? CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Request a Song for Dances, Events, & MC music

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Before requesting a song, please read the lyrics to verify that it is appropriate for BYU-Idaho. You should use the 13th Article of Faith as your guide. Inappropriate songs, including those that have been edited (i.e. "clean version"), will NOT be approved.

Propose a new activity

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Propose a new activity

Have a great idea? Make it a reality by proposing an activity and becoming the Manager of the event! Many of our current activites (like Mystery Dinner, Fan Faire, Masquerade ball) were proposed by students in the past. Submit your idea here!...

BYU-Idaho encourages students to explore ideas for new activities. In fact, every aspect of Student Activities is run by Student Leaders. The following information outlines how to get your new activity approved and implemented on campus:

Step #1: Sharing your idea

To do this you will propose your idea through the
online application.
If you would like help writing your proposal, you can contact a Student Leader or Advisor by visiting the Activites office in MC 101 (across from the bookstore).

In your online application, select the area you think your event would fall under (ex: a dance would be Social, a workshop would be Talent).
Once you submit your proposal, it will go to the appropriate Student Leader or Advisor for review.

Step #2: Present

After initial review, the Student Leader or Advisor may invite you to present your idea to the Student Activities Council.
The Student Activities Council will hear your proposal and address any concerns. If your idea is not approved, you will need to modify it and present it to the council again.

Step #3: Implement

Once your idea is approved the real work begins. You will then be given the necessary tools to implement your idea as well as mentors (a Coordinator) to help you be successful in your event.



Weekly Dances

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Weekly Dances

Country: Weekly country dancing includes instruction for the first hour.  Learn basic country/western dance steps for the two-step, line dance, triple, cowboy cha cha, and more. (MC ballroom Wednesdays)

Swing: You've seen swing dancing, and here's your chance to learn how!  Come enjoy the music and atmosphere of the 1920's and meet new friends at the same time.  If you come for the first hour, you can even join us in one of our classes in Lindy Hop, Charleston, East Coast, West Coast, Single Step, Blues, and many others.  It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing! (Hinckley Gym Wednesdays)...

Latin Dance: Latin Dance is a place where many cultures are brought together to learn how to dance to syncopated Latin rhythms. Because of the nature of this dance, people come out of their comfort zones and learn something new. A variety of people attend Latin Dance, which allows people to be introduced to new people and experience new things. (MC Ballroom Fridays)

Ballroom: The weekly ballroom dance is a chance to meet people while learning various dances.  The ballroom dance covers many different styles including latin, standard, swing, and social.  Instruction is offered for the first hour, and instructors are available for individual help throughout the dance.  Whether you're waltzing around the dance floor or cha-chaing with a friend, you'll have a great time. (Hinckley Gym Fridays)

Jane Austen Ball Practice free: Vintage group dances from the time of Jane Austen. Held Thursdays from 8-10 in Hinckley Multipurpose Room (286)

Social Activities invites students to gather, develop socially, discover their capacity for success and obtain a lasting desire to help others recognize their own potential.