Leadership Documents

Event Form

This form should be used by event managers to fill out and give to the student secretaries in the Activities office. It helps the front desk of activities provide correct information for events.


Learning By Faith Manual

This manual has been prepared as "a resource to assist advisors and student leaders in teaching and growing the students they serve."

The Four Points of Practical Leadership

This resource was developed to train student leaders in practical leadership skills. Natural born leaders will occasionally rise to the top through time. For the most part however, leaders are developed over the course of time. Their skills are honed and refined as they work through good and bad experiences and as they study new principles. Becoming a good leader will not happen overnight. It has been said of Ernest Shackleton, the great Antarctic explorer, "Shackleton was an average person; he taught himself how to be an exceptional one." (Shackleton's Way, Morrell and Capparell, 2001, p. 10)

We all may become exceptional people and leaders as we study and apply leadership principles in our own lives. The following practical leadership skills were developed by previous student leaders and by advisors in the Activities area.

Student Leadership Manual

This document is provided to Area Directors and Directors at their initial trainings to help them understand their roles and responsibilities.

Student Leader Event Help and Information

This document has information for activities event planning. It helps student leaders find common campus contacts and has answers to commonly asked questions.

Overnight Travel concept sheet

Campus Travel forms