Hart Clothing Policy

Revised:    September 24, 2013

Changes to Hart Building exercise clothing services

Beginning January 1, 2014, approved exercise clothing will no longer be available for checkout at the Hart Building. The $15 laundry service that has been offered in conjunction with checking out clothing will also be discontinued at that time. Towel service will continue to be provided for free in our facilities.
Approved exercise clothing will still be required in the Hart Building and the BYU-Idaho Center courts. As before, clothing can be purchased at the University Store. If you forget to bring approved clothing with you to campus, some clothing will remain on hand and will be available at the Hart Building Equipment Room for a $3 fee.
The age requirement for children to wear approved clothing has been raised to 8 years old. Approved issue is not required for the swimming pool, but swimsuits must follow the approved guidelines (Click here for Swimsuit Policy)
Discounts on approved exercise clothing may be available during University Store sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the laundry service being discontinued?
A: The number of students and employees using the laundry service has steadily declined over the past few years, while the cost to launder the clothing has continued to rise. This has created a situation where it is no longer feasible to maintain a laundry service.

Q: Is approved exercise clothing still required to use the Hart Building and BYU-Idaho Center Courts?
A: Yes, approved issue clothing (Shirt and shorts) are required.

Q: Where can I purchase approved exercise clothing?
A: Clothing is available at the University Store.

Q: Are all of the clothes sold by the University Store approved exercise clothing?
A: No, only the clothing in the "approved exercise clothing" section are allowed in the Hart and BYU-Idaho Center courts. (Click here for options)

Q: How much will a set of approved exercise clothing cost?
A: Price will vary depending on the styles and fabrics you choose. (Click here for costs)

Q: Will clothing still be available in the employee locker rooms?
A: Towels will be available, but approved clothing will no longer be available in any of the locker rooms.

Q: What age is approved clothing required?
A: When children turn 8 years old they are required to wear approved issue. At 8 years old children of employees should also get an I Card.

Q: Can I get an exception to work out if I forget my approved exercise clothing at home?
A: No, but you can rent a set of clothes from the equipment issue room for $3 per use.

Q: If I feel more comfortable exercising in pants can I wear them instead of shorts?
A: Yes, pants are permitted as long as they are loose fitting, not revealing, and don't have writing across the rear of the pants.

Q: Can I wear a non-approved sweatshirt if it is cold?
A: Pull-over sweatshirts must be approved exercise clothing or you can wear any cold weather clothing (sweatshirts, Under Armor, long sleeve shirts etc) under an approved exercise T-Shirt.

Q: How many sets of approved exercise clothing should I buy?
A: While the amount of clothing will vary depending on the number of uses per week and how often a person does laundry, the table below can serve as a guide to help you make this decision:

User Type Number of uses Recommendation
High Use 2-3 x /Week Purchase 2-3 sets of clothing
Moderate Use 1 x /Week Purchase 1 set of clothes
Low Use 2-3 x / Semester Purchase 1 set of clothes


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