Equipment Check Out Policies

Revised:    October 7, 2013



Equipment Check Out Policies

When renting out equipment please bring your I-card or have the I-number memorized. The equipment is on a "Same Day Rental Policy" meaning everything that is checked out must be returned no later than 11:00 p.m. that night. The list below contains everything that the Equipment Room offers in the Hart building or the BYU-Idaho Center. To rent out equipment you must be abiding by BYU-Idaho's dress and grooming standards as well.

Equipment for Free-Play



Volleyballs Indoor Soccer Balls
Soccer Balls Dodge Balls
Wallyball Sets Pennies (Jerseys)
Racquetball Racquets Heart Rate Monitors
Racquetball Goggles Frisbees
Racquetballs Badmitton Racquets
Jump Ropes Cones
Stop Watches

Equipment for Class Use Only

Bosu Balls Skin Calipers
Exercise Discs Measuring Tape
Vertec (Vertical Jump Test) Golf Clubs


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