Wheelchair Basket-ball

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Teams consist of at least four players. Four to five players are on the court for a team at one time. At least one player on the court for a team must be male and at least one must be female.

Teams must wear BYU-Idaho approved gym shirts. Mesh Jerseys will be provided.

Play of the Game

WCB at BYU-Idaho is played in two 20 minute periods with a 3 minute break in between periods. Each team is given two time outs per period.


The rules for BYU-Idaho Wheelchair Basketball (WCB) come from the National Wheelchair Basketball Association. Subject to BYU-Idaho Recreation Sports rules and regulations for league play.


  1. Players cannot use legs for any reason. Legs must remain on the wheelchair at all times. If a player does use their legs to stop, stand or balance - the possession of the ball goes to the opponent.
  2. A player must dribble the ball once for every two pushes of the wheelchair. If the dribble is not taken, the play will result as a travel, and the possession of the ball will turn over to the opponent.
  3. A pivot takes place when a player holds the ball and turns the chair to the left or right.

Violations and Penalties

  1. Tilting Chair: A team loses possession when a player leans forward and tilts the chair to where the person’s feet touch the floor while gaining, maintaining, shooting, or retrieving the ball.
  2. Player falling out of the chair directly into the line of play is impeding play and can be a technical foul.
  3. If a player in control of the ball throws the ball against the chair of an opponent and the ball goes out of bounds possession goes to the opponents’ team.
  4. No more than two defenders can go after on offensive player in possession of the ball.
  5. Players cannot use the wheelchair to swerve in front of other players, but must give enough room for the opponent to stop or swerve.
  6. Players cannot push their teammates’ wheelchairs. Each person is responsible for their own wheelchair and are not to touch anyone else’s. It is considered a foul.
  7. A player with seven fouls is removed for the rest of that game.


Each player is required to sign a BYU-Idaho “Release of Liability” waiver form to play WCB.