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Exercise Clothing Policy

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Exercise Clothing Policy

Hart Building/Fitness Center Dress Policy:

 At BYU-Idaho approved exercise clothing is required for sports and fitness activities in the Hart Building, BYU-I Center, and Fitness Center.  In order to use the recreational and fitness facilities please observe the following dress requirements:...

Exercise Clothing Policy

The BYU-Idaho approved exercise shorts, T-shirt or sweatshirt are required.  This clothing is available in the University Store and is distinct from other clothing items.  Approved exercise clothing should not be cut, torn or otherwise altered.

If you prefer to wear exercise pants rather than shorts in our facilities, please observe the following:

    • Sweat pants and other types of loose fitting exercise pants should have no writing on the rear.
    • Other types of form fitting exercise or fitness pants (leggings, yoga pants, running tights, or similar) should be solid black in color (no patterns, designs, or writing).
    • Pants are inappropriate if they are sheer, worn out, stretched too thin or otherwise revealing.  If your pants are too revealing you will be asked by facilities staff to cover them with the BYU-I approved shorts, which can be provided if necessary
    • Jeans and some other types of pants with rivets and exposed zippers damage the equipment and are not allowed in the Fitness Center.
    • Clean closed toe athletic shoes are required. 

Clothing can be purchased at the University Store or online 
Here. For more information on what BYU-Idaho Approved Clothing is please go Here.

If you forget to bring approved clothing with you to campus, clothing will be available at the Hart Building Equipment Room for rent at a fee of $3 for that day. This fee is only for students, employees and their dependents.  For community rentals please see the Community Use Policy. 

Swimming Suits:

Swimmers may wear their own swim suits during open swim times according to the following: All swimwear must be modest in coverage, style, and cut.  Fabrics and colors must not be transparent or revealing.  Women's suits must cover the stomach (swim shorts and shirts may be worn over your suit).  Men's suits must sit at the waist (No briefs).  All swimmers must check in at the Equipment Room (Hart 202).

What you can't wear:

  • No cut-off or rolled-up sleeved shirts.
  • Pull-over sweatshirts must be approved exercise clothing or you can wear any cold weather clothing (sweatshirts, Under Armor, long sleeve shirts etc) under an approved exercise T-Shirt.
  • If the participant is going to wear shorts, then the approved exercise shorts must be worn.

Dress and grooming standards apply when using the Hart Building/BYU-Idaho Center.  Brigham Young University-Idaho invites students to refer to For the Strength of Youth when choosing their swimsuit attire or any other attire. Specifically we are taught, "Never lower your dress standards for any occasion.  Doing so sends the message that you are using your body to get attention and approval and that modesty is important only when it is convenient."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is approved exercise clothing required to use the Hart Building and BYU-Idaho Center Courts? 
A: Yes, approved issue clothing (Shirt and shorts) are required.

Q: Where can I purchase approved exercise clothing? 
A: Clothing is available at the University Store.

Q: Are all of the clothes sold by the University Store approved exercise clothing? 
A: No, only the clothing in the "approved exercise clothing" section are allowed in the Hart and BYU-Idaho Center courts.

Q: How much will a set of approved exercise clothing cost? 
A: Price will vary depending on the styles and fabrics you choose.

Q: What age is approved clothing required? 
A: When children turn 8 years old, they are required to wear approved exercise clothing. At 8 years old, children of employees should also get an I-Card.

Q: Can I get an exception to work out if I forget my approved exercise clothing at home? 
A: No, but you can rent a set of clothes from the equipment room for $3 per day.

Q: If I feel more comfortable exercising in pants can I wear them instead of shorts? 
A: Yes, pants are permitted as long as they follow the guidelines listed in the Pant Policy above.

Q: Can I wear a non-approved sweatshirt if it is cold? 
A: Pull-over sweatshirts must be approved exercise clothing or you can wear any cold weather clothing (sweatshirts, Under Armor, long sleeve shirts, etc.) under an approved exercise T-Shirt.

Community Use Policy

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Community Use Policy

Access to the exercise facilities is permitted for community members and visitors to BYU-Idaho for a fee of $6. This allows access to the exercise facilities with the exception of the Fitness Center. The community is allowed to use the indoor track in the morning without paying a fee from 5 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. At any other time the $6 day pass fee would need to be paid.

Community Use Policy
Hours: 5:00 AM - 11:30 PM Monday - Saturday Hart 202 (208)-496-7480