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Upper Fields | 7th South Fields | Stadium

Brief Summary of Fields:

The BYU-Idaho play fields are recreational areas on campus used for free play and often scheduled for competitive and recreational sports and other campus activities. The Sports Complex Fields, contain five artificial turf play fields.  These fields are multi-use and can be used for soccer, softball, lacrosse, and ultimate frisbee.  The Stadium Field consists of an outdoor track and an artificial turf used for football, frisbee, and soccer. The Upper Fields are natural grass and are used for campus dances, ward activities, and recreational sports including volleyball, frisbee, and flag football. Please use these fields to enhance your BYU-I experience. 

The playfields are open to free play for BYU-Idaho students if not previously scheduled. To schedule a playfield please call the scheduling office at: (208) 496-3120. Map of Campus Playfields.  

Field Rules:
  • Please do not use grass fields immediately after heavy rain etc. so the fields are not damaged.
  • Please do not enter fields that have the entry gate locked.
  • BYU-Idaho dress and grooming standards apply.
  • No unauthorized vehicles allowed on track and field.
  • Fireworks or flammable materials are prohibited.
  • No food, seeds, gum or colored drinks are allowed on field.
  • No animals, golfing, or metal cleats. 
  • Fields are reserved for university use.



(208) 496-7480

(208) 496-3120