River Bug

The River Bug

A River Bug is a whitewater boat in which the participant sits on their boat with fins and hand paddles for propulsion and steering. River bugs put you up close and face first with the whitewater action. River bugging will be a lot of fun for those who like the water and want to try a new activity.  Check out this link for a sample video of the river bug in action.

If you always wanted to try a whitewater sport this could be the one for you. It's more fun than rafting, but not as committed to learning as Kayak.

Paddling a river bug is a physically demanding activity. Participants will experience fatigue and sore muscles from this activity. Unlike rafting, where you sit on a boat, river bugs put you in the water swimming rapids and using the current to drive you down the river.

River Bug- Riverside Whitewater- Henrys Fork- Snake River

Dates: June 20 & July 11
Departure Time: 3:30 p.m.
Return Time: 9:30 p.m. (approximate)
Cost: $15
Meeting Place: ORC (under the North end of the stadium)
Sign up at the ticket office or online www.byui.edu/tickets

We hope to see you on the next trip with Outdoor Activities. Please remember that only students or spouse of students can participate.

Contact: Scott Hurst


  • Available For Spring
  • Available For Fall

Equipment List

We provide

  • river bugs
  • pfd
  • wetsuit
  • swim fins
  • helmet
  • neoprene booties
  • paddle jackets
  • hand paddles. 

You will need to provide

  • water
  • snacks
  • modest swimwear
  • sunglasses
  • nose plugs (optional)
  • sunscreen
  • change of clothes and towel for the end.

 We will have a brief orientation and be fitted with a wetsuit and other necessary equipment before the trip.