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Becoming a trip manager.

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Be A Doer, Not A Viewer

Join us and become a trip manager.  You might be wondering what a trip manager does, please go here for a job description.

If being involved in planning trips and leading others outside sounds like something you want to get engaged in, then being a manager may be for you.  

In order to become a manager you must do the following

  1. Have a current CPR and First Aid certificate (Offered on campus from the safety office).
  2. Obtain a campus driving permit (click here).
  3. Attend a basic outdoor skills training (see below).
  4. Attend leadership development trainings (Offered every semester on Mondays in MC380 from 4-5PM).
  5. Be mentored and trained in the activities of your choice.
  6. Lead at least two trips per semester.

 Basic Outdoor Skills Training

The basic skills outdoor training takes place 3 times each year.  

  1. Fall 2017 (Sept. 5th-7th)
  2. Winter (TBD)
  3. Summer (TBD)

This training is free and is required of all incoming managers starting spring 2017.  It is designed to help you become a better trip manager and better outdoor leader.

How Do I Apply

To apply please go to the following link and apply to become a manager.


If you would like more information on how to become a manager please join us on July 13th from 2PM-3PM in MC 386 to learn more.  If there are questions that arise regarding the manager application process, please contact the activities office at 208-496-7300.