Archery & Black Powder Rifles

Learn the skills that your ancestors had with a Bow and Black Powder Rifle. The archery and black powder activities take place at Badger Creek, nestled in the mountains outside of Tetonia. We have traditional recurve bows to use. Try your hand at shooting the burlap elk or lifesize deer target. Then try your skills at shooting different targets with a black powder rifle. Learn to measure black powder, apply shooting cloth, place lead ball and use the ramrod to pack it all in the barrel. Small and Large targets will be placed to challenge your skills. Transportation, rifles, supplies, safety glasses, safety earplugs, targets, arm guards, quiver, bows, arrows and experienced leaders are provided.

Badger Creek 
Date: May 16th
Departure Times: 4:00 PM  
Return Time: 10:00 PM
Cost:  $10/person

Badger Creek 
Date: June 20th
Departure Times: 4:00 PM  
Return Time: 10:00 PM
Cost:  $10/person

Meet at: Outdoor  Resource Center (Under the stadium) Sign up at the ticket office or online


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Gear List Suggestion:

We hope to see you on the next trip with the Outdoor Activities Department. Please remember that only students or spouse of students can participate.

Please meet at the Outdoor Resource Center with your I-card at least 15 minutes before departure time.

Purchase your ticket at the ticket office in the Kimball or online at