Common Adventure

What is Common Adventure at BYU-Idaho?

Common Adventure is a place where you can set up your own trips. The goal of the Common Adventure program at BYU-Idaho is to provide a place for like minded people to get together and share outdoor adventures. Students are the ultimate leaders of the common adventure program and will make all the decisions. This is a great way to enjoy your hobby and meet new people of similar interests. 

While the university supports the common adventure venue for students it is in no way endorsing, sponsoring or overseeing trips that are posted through the trip board. See the guidelines below for more details:

1.Any activity conducted by students using the bulletin board are not sponsored by BYU-Idaho, Student Activities or any other campus entity.
2.The posting of any offer to share an activity does not imply BYU-Idaho sponsorship or endorsement of that activity.  This board serves only as a way for BYU-Idaho students to communicate with each other.
3.All individuals who use this board to communicate must adhere to the standards of the BYU-Idaho Honor Code while communicating and also during any activity that may be organized through this communications channel.  Individuals are responsible to know the standards of the Honor Code and other BYU-Idaho policies. 
4.Participation in any activity that is organized using this communication tool is done at an individual's own risk.
5.Any communication on this board is subject to approval.

All trips will be posted through the University's bulletin board site.  You can create a trip by using the "My Adds" feature and creating a new "Common Adventure" post.

To post your common adventure trip click here.

To see a picture demonstration of how to post a Common Adventure Trip click here.