Talent Activities has a wide variety of opportunities for students to gain experience and create portfolio pieces while informing the student body about what is available to them. Publicity personnel will focus on advertising Talent Activities individual shows, workshops and events as well as publicizing Talent Activities as a whole.

Weekly meetings provide a great opportunity for students of all levels to collaborate together on projects and to learn new tips and skills.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to advertise Talent Activities events and workshops to the student population. If you have skills you think would be beneficial that are not listed below, please do not hesitate to share with us what believe you can do to help our program reach out. <<<Apply Here!>>>

Our current positions are as follows:

Publicity Coordinator:

Each semester two Publicity Coordinators work under the supervision of the paid Marketing Student and are responsible for ensuring their assigned shows, workshops and events receive needed publicity. They arrange meetings between designers and managers and oversee the design process, ensuring deadlines are met and policies are followed.

Publicity Coordinators ideally have 2 to 3 designers each and therefore must be comfortable with people: communicating in meetings, by phone and by email. They must have attention to detail and be organized enough to stay current on multiple projects at a time.

Training is provided and available throughout the semester, therefore previous experience is not necessary and all majors are eligible and encouraged to apply. Successful Publicity Coordinators may also be considered for the paid Marketing Student position in future semesters.



A Designer's main goal is to take the show/workshop managers ideas and make them look great in the form of posters, flyers, web banners and other chosen mediums.

Designer's will be assigned shows, workshops and events as per the Publicity Coordinators discretion and will work directly with the manager or an assigned representative to ensure the best possible results.

Designer's work is flexible and availability can be worked out with the Publicity Coordinator on a case by case situation.

This is a great opportunity to create portfolio pieces or get more experience working with the Adobe Creative Suite. All levels of experience are encouraged to apply.


Photographers are responsible for taking good quality pictures at assigned shows, events and workshops.

Because photos are used for promotional purposes and will be posted on Facebook, Photographers are asked to spend some time editing their photos before submitting them. Training on Adobe Photoshop will be provided as necessary and all levels of experience are encouraged to apply.

Scheduling is flexible and Photographers are welcome to use their photos in personal portfolios as well.

Photographers will have free access to assigned shows and workshops and camera's can be provided if necessary.


Talent Activities would like to create and continually update an archive of our shows and workshops to be used as promotional material on campus. These would include beginning to end recordings of each show and clips of different workshops and weekly events.

Since we cannot legally post full length footage of our shows online, we are also actively seeking individuals willing to gather footage to edit into short promotional videos we can post.

Although we do accept people of all levels of experience, limited training is available and interested parties will need to be self taught and willing to learn on their own how to best accomplish these tasks.

Videographers will have free access to assigned shows and workshops and access to school equipment is available but this equipment is limited.

Web/Social Media Specialist:

The Talent Activities Website and Social Media sites are overseen by the paid Marketing Student and basic updates are also made. Talent Activities would like to see these procedures improved and are looking for interested volunteers to work with the Marketing Student to help get this information out to more people.

Anyone with experience or interest in learning more about social media and web advertising is encouraged to apply. All levels of experience are welcome.  

Successful Web/Social Media Specialists may also be considered for the paid Marketing Student position in future semesters.