The Student Directors for Talent Activities are primarily responsible for teaching and training coordinators leadership skills and the tactical responsibilities of coordinators and managers at weekly meetings and through additional regular contact. They are to ensure coordinators then feel comfortable training their managers while teaching them how to successfully put on their shows and workshops.

The Student Directors are in charge of the weekly Talent Board meeting, where they have the opportunity to train all coordinators, managers, committee members and publicity personnel while creating a sense of unity throughout the group.

 This position would involve the following weekly meetings; Talent Board meeting, Talent Directors meeting, a meeting alternating between the Talent Advisor and Area Director each week, a meeting with assigned coordinators and other meetings as determined. A Student Director should expect to put in at least 10 hours per week. An applicant should have had previous experience at the manager or coordinator level.

The Student Directors are responsible for making sure standards and policies are maintained and that there is a wholesome and uplifting atmosphere at these events and workshops.

Cannot have more than 129 credits total

Must have at least a 2.5 GPA

Must have previously served in a Manager position or higher

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