Committee Members (Formerly Volunteers)

Committee Members make up the largest group of students that help run Activities. Being a committee member is a great way to jump in and get involved, develop skills, meet people and help create exciting events and programs at BYU-Idaho. Committee Members work with managers who oversee the planning, organization and execution of specific events and programs.

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Volunteering for these events would include helping the managers to organize events which include helping run the weekly workshop or event as well as aiding with publicity and marketing. Duties would include weekly committee and Talent Board meetings.

Writing Workshop - This workshop facilitates interested students who would like to share and develop their writing skills. All levels of writing welcomed.

Dance Workshops - Ballroom, Swing, Hip Hop, Break dancing and Country Dance Workshops are offered and give opportunity for students of all levels to participate by learning or teaching their desired dance form.

Comedy Workshops - Improv and Stand-Up Comedy Workshops are offered.

Film Workshop - Can be organized based on the needs of the workshop attendees with the focus on helping students to prepare films that they can then submit the Film Festival. 

Debate Workshop - Students learn and practice the art of debate.

Jugglers Workshop - Students can learn how to juggle and other circus like talents.

Capoeira Workshop - A combination of Brazilian Martial Arts and Dance

Guitar Workshop - Students gather together to Improve or learn how to play the guitar or ukulele.

Stadium Singing - Every Sunday students gather under the stadium to sing hymns together.

Karaoke Night - YouTube Karaoke in the Crossroads.

Music Outlet - Weekly open mic night where students can perform their own songs or cover a song of their choice.



Volunteering for these events would include helping the managers to organize their shows by helping with things such as auditions, publicity, performer relations and event services relations. Duties would include weekly meetings in addition to the auditions and event.

 Broadway Revue - Students are given the opportunity to perform a song or to a song from a musical of their choice. This performance can be in a variety of formats: song, dance, theater etc.

Acoustic Café - Usually the first show of the semester, this free guitar show is held in the MC Crossroads allowing for a more laid back atmosphere.

I-Cover - This show features cover songs in a band setting, with a minimum of three people per band. 

Battle of the Dance - Contrary to the name, there is no battle, but there is a lot of fun dancing involving everything from Ballroom to Hip-Hop. 

Film Festival - This show provides an opportunity for students to show their personal films to the student body. 

Best-of Show - This popular show combines the best-of acts from the shows held during the semester.  The manager for this show is also in charge of organizing the voting process and selecting the best performers from each show.

Grand Pianos Live - This show revolves around the piano and involves everything from classical music to pop. 

Guitars Unplugged - A Guitar show featuring original and cover songs in a larger band setting.

The Folk Show (NEW SHOW!) - A new show with a folk music theme.

The Beatles Show (NEW SHOW) - Students are invited to sing, dance, play with a band or other performances along to a Beatles song, or with a Beatles theme.

Nashville Nights - This show is dedicated to country music; students have the opportunity to perform their favorite songs.

BYU-I's Got Talent - This is a variety show where students with unique and interesting talents are invited to perform, this can be everything from Juggling and Magic to Beat Boxing and Hip Hop Dancing.

Magic Moments - A Disney themed show.

Academy of Comedy - Students perform Improv skits in shows multiple times throughout the semester. Manager of Academy of Comedy is also the manager of the Improv Comedy Workshop.

Last Poet Standing - In this semester long show, participants recite their original poetry each week in hopes that the audience keeps them for another round.

I-Live Sketch Comedy - For this show auditions are held at the beginning of the semester and participants perform sketches that have been written by other BYU-Idaho students.

Show Choir - An auditioned group that meets weekly to learn songs and choreography. Like Glee, BYU-Idaho style.

Mad Flow Hip Hop Show - A show dedicated to Hip-Hop. Come sing, dance, or rap to covers or originals.

Laugh Out Loud - A Stand Up comedy show.

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