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Student Directors

A Student Director oversees a category of programs and events in an area. Student Directors do not execute the day-to-day tactical duties of creating and running events and activities, but are primarily responsible for teaching, training and empowering the coordinators. Directors meet and counsel with their Student Area Director to see that the missions of the Activities Program and the area are being met and that students involved in their program are growing accordingly.

Teach/Empower/Grow others

Directors are responsible to teach and empower Coordinators sufficiently that the Coordinators can succeed in their roles. This includes teaching the following:

The mission and vision of the University, the Activities Program and particular area.

The structure of the Activities Program and your stewardship area.

The roles of the student leaders in Activities and your stewardship area.

The doctrines and principles of disciple-leadership found in the LBF manual and the scriptures, and how those principles and doctrines apply to what the leaders are actually doing in their stewardships.

The Student-Leader Model.

The tactical responsibilities of the Coordinator and Manager positions. (I.e. how to schedule a room, how to use Blackboard, how to obtain a van permit).


Recruit and Choose Coordinators for your area.

Hold leaders accountable

Directors are responsible to hold Coordinators accountable for their stewardship.
This requires that Directors understand not only their own stewardship but also the
stewardship of Coordinators and Managers.

Understand and apply the Student-Leader Model.

Responsible for and aware of what happens in the area.

Directors are not responsible to create and execute all that happens in their area, but they are expected to know what is happening at all levels in their areas and to ensure that programs and events are done to an acceptable level and standard.


Directors are responsible to see that time-lines, calendars, and meeting times are organized in a way that meets the needs of the area.

Assist the Student Area Director and your advisor recruiting and selecting a new Director for the following semester.


Directors meet and counsel regularly with the Student Area Director, his/her Coordinators, and his/her Advisor.


Return and report

Directors are accountable to Student Area Directors and Advisors and return and report regularly about their stewardship.

Area Communication

Directors work with their Coordinators to see that effective communication processes are in place which include all of the student leaders in that area.


Directors are responsible to see that pertinent information about their area is passed on to the succeeding Director.

Student Director Guidelines

As you consider a student leadership experience in the Student Activities Program, please review the Mission Statement and following guidelines:

Student Activities invites individuals to experience the power of acting for themselves through involvement in student-led programs and events.

Student Leaders are expected to be exemplary in living the Brigham Young University-Idaho Honor Code. Student Leaders are expected to attend BYU-Idaho weekly devotionals. Devotional dress is encouraged when possible.

Student Leaders will receive a full-tuition scholarship upon being selected and meeting the following qualifications:

a. On or off track during the semester serving and a matriculated full-time student (12 credits minimum). Does not have to be on track to apply, but must be in town for all training.
b. Completed no more than 129 cumulative credits prior to the semester they serve.
c. Must have earned a minimum of 30 credits at BYU-Idaho prior to the semester they serve.
d. Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA and no University restrictions.
e. Serve an average of 10 hours per week. (There may be occasional times in the semester when more time is required.)
f. If employed, it is recommended that the student leader not work more than 10 hours per week at an on/off campus job. Employment should be in a different area from where the student director is currently receiving a scholarship.
g. May only serve as a Student Director one semester. May only serve as a Student Area Director one semester.
h. Student Area Directors must have previous experience at the coordinator level or above. Student Directors should have had previous experience at the manager level or above.

Student Leaders will attend retreats, meetings, and other events as announced. Student Leaders will enable students to lead, guide, and direct those serving on their boards as they plan and organize activities.

Must be available to their student leaders and advisors on a regular basis throughout the semester, including checking e-mails regularly for Activities communications.

Student Leaders are expected to attend Activities Council Meetings as scheduled.  The Student Leader will also hold weekly council meetings for the purpose of leadership training, planning, organizing, etc. in their own area.

Student Leaders will meet regularly with their advisor for purposes of training, evaluation, planning, etc.

Student Area Directors must have previous Activities experience at the coordinator level or above. Student Directors should have had previous experience at the manager level or above.


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