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Student Managers are responsible for the planning and execution of events with the help of a council of volunteers. Managers counsel with their Coordinator about their stewardship and how to meet the needs of the students.

Teach/Empower/Grow others

Mangers are responsible to teach and empower their volunteers. This includes teaching the

The mission and vision of the University and the Activities Program.
The mission and vision of your particular area.
The structure of the Activities Program.
The roles of the student leaders in Activities.
The doctrines and principles of disciple- scriptures and how those principles actually doing in their stewardships.
The Student-Leader Model.
The tactical responsibilities of the Manager position.


Recruit and choose members of your council.

Managers, in conjunction with their student leaders, plan and execute the events and activities in their area.

Understand and apply the Student-Leader Model.
Delegate responsibilities.
Hold students accountable.
Manage the event with the help of their student volunteers.


Managers counsel regularly with their Coordinator about the event that the Manger is responsible for and about the growth of the students the Manger has stewardship for.
Managers meet regularly with their council to plan, organize, and run the event they are responsible for.


Return and report

Managers are accountable to their Coordinator and need to return and report regularly about their stewardship.

Area Communication

Mangers work with their Coordinator to see that effective communication processes are in place.


Mangers are responsible to see that pertinent information about their event is recorded and saved for future access.


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