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Student Coordinators oversee groups of Managers with a common focus. Coordinators help Managers understand their roles and teach them about available processes and resources that help them execute programs and events without stepping in and doing the work of the managers themselves. Coordinators meet and counsel with their Student Director to plan for the growth and development of the students for whom they have stewardship.

Administrative duties:

Choose Managers for your area

Hold Leaders accountable

Coordinators are responsible to hold Managers accountable for their stewardship. This requires that Coordinators understand not only their own stewardship but also the stewardship of Managers.

Understand and apply the Student-Leader Model.

Responsible for, and aware of, what happens in the area

Coordinators are responsible to know what is happening with each of their managers and with the events and activities the managers are planning and executing.


Coordinators help manager organize events and activities according to their area while applying the principles of the Student-leader model.


Coordinators meet regularly to counsel with their Director.

Coordinators regularly meet in a counsel with their Managers.


Return and report

Coordinators are accountable to their Director and need to return and report regularly about their stewardship.

Area Communication

Coordinators work with their Directors and Managers to see that effective communication processes are in place.


Coordinators are responsible to see that pertinent information about their area is passed on to the succeeding Coordinator


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