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Fitness Activities invites, educates and motivates all individuals to use exercise as a way to improve their physical, emotional and spiritual quality of life.



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Volunteers make up the largest group of students that help run Activities. Being a volunteer is a great way to jump in and get involved, develop skills, meet people and help create existing events and programs at BYU-Idaho....

Volunteers work under the direction of coordinators who oversee the planning, organization and execution of specific events and programs.

Volunteers can do the following within Fitness Activities:

Run a Program or Event: Counsel with other committee members and the events coordinator to plan, organize and administer a program or event.

Fitness Consultant: Tryout for the position. Sign up for your tryout at the fitness center desk, pick up your application fill it out, and bring it to your tryout. Come dressed down and prepared to train and show your knowledge and proper lifting technique. ESS - 299 option: Receive 1 credit for service if ESS - 381 was taken previously.

Fitness Instructor: Tryout for the position. Sign up for a tryout time posted on Hart 234 door. Pick up your application, fill it out, and bring it to your tryout. Prepare to teach a 25 min. class of your choice. ESS-299 option: Receive 1 credit for service if ESS - 381 was taken previously.

Biggest Winner Assistant Nutrition Wellness Coach: You can apply to be an assistant in the Biggest Winner program. Fill out an application and you will be contacted and interviewed for the position.

Biggest Winner Assistant Trainer: You can apply to be an assistant in the Biggest Winner program. Fill out an application and you will be contacted and interviewed for the position.

Fitness Class Music Manager: The music manager meets with the Instructor Coordinator, communicating with him/her about purchasing BYU-I approved music from iTunes for fitness classes. The music manager also adds songs to the denied list and to the approved list.

Fitness Class Stats Manager: The stats manager meets with the instructor coordinator to create the best way for the instructors to report on the attendance(head count) of each class.

Fitness Class Instructor Coordinator: The instructor coordinator posts and attends tryouts and helps select instructors for fitness classes. They also create a fitness class schedule and modify it throughout the semester as needed. They observe and oversee instructors, ensuring a quality experience for the students that attend the class. They also oversee the Music and Stats Managers.

Fitness Programs and Events Coordinators: The Program and Events Coordinators meet weekly to prepare the upcoming events and programs for the fitness activities department. They plan the details for the events and programs, ensuring that the events go smoothly.

Photographer/Videographer: Will need to be able to attend and photograph several events per week. The photographs will be used on our Social Media profiles and in some cases news/advertisements. Will work on our Social Media profiles along with the Social Media and Publicity manager. Will involve approximately 2 - 8 hours a week, including a weekly meeting with the Publicity team. Will use personal or if needed, provided equipment. Will need to be able to attend and record several events per week. Will need to be capable of capturing and compiling footage within a specified period of time while meeting marketing objectives. NOTE: These duties are not limited to one person/position.


Student Area Director

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Student Area Director

A Student Area Director oversees all of Fitness Activities. Student Area Directors are primarily responsible for teaching, training, and empowering the students in their area....

They also meet with other Student Area Directors to counsel about Activities-wide issues.

The Fitness Area Director directs, teaches, trains, counsels, and provides vision to those in the organization. They interview, select, train and hold those responsible for the individual areas they oversee. 

* Set up and direct weekly roundtable meetings with Advisor, and all Fitness leaders ( approx. 1 hr.)

* Counsel weekly with other Student Area Directors

* Counsel regularly with Student leaders and Advisor

* Invite individuals to participate in the program

* There is a time commitment of 10+ hours per week

The application deadline is by the end of the day Friday of the 7th week into the semester. If chosen, they will serve the following semester.


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Student Coordinators oversee groups of Managers with a common focus. Coordinators help Managers understand their roles and teach them about available processes and resources that help them execute programs and events without stepping in and doing the work of the Managers themselves.

Coordinators meet and counsel with their Student Director to plan for the growth and development of the students for whom they have stewardship....


Choose Managers for your area. Coordinators are responsible to hold Managers accountable for their stewardship. This requires that Coordinators understand not only their own stewardship, but also the stewardship of Managers. Understand and apply the Student-Leader Model. Coordinators are responsible to know what is happening with each of their Managers and with the events and activities the Managers are planning and executing.


Coordinators help Managers organize events and activities according to their area while applying the principles of the Student-Leader model.


Coordinators meet regularly to counsel with their Area Director. Coordinators regularly meet in a council with their Managers.


Coordinators are accountable to their Area Director and need to return and report regularly about their stewardship.

Area Communication

Coordinators work with their Area Directors and Managers to see that effective communication processes are in place.


Coordinators are responsible to see that pertinent information about their area is passed on to the succeeding Coordinator


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Managers counsel regularly with their Student Coordinator. They also invite individuals to serve as group leaders or committee members. They set up and direct regular council meetings with their group leaders and committee and invite individuals to participate in Fitness events and classes.

Managers can expect to serve 2-4 hours each week, with occasional weeks of 4-10 hours....

The following list shows the type of manager positions available.

Fitness Class Coordinator: (Paid) If you are selected, you will organize and lead trainings and meetings.  Meet weekly with the Area Director, and  Advisor in a leadership meeting. Oversee evening fitness classes, trouble shoot issues at hand. 8-10 hours per week.

Fitness Instructor: (Paid) Pick up an application in Manwaring Center Activities office 101. If you are selected to teach, you will teach during your available hours and work with the instructor coordinator and other instructors to invite, educate and motivate the BYU-Idaho population in your fitness classes. Reports to the Instructor coordinator. Send in weekly reflections to coordinator due by Satuday midnight.

Events Managers: You will choose the event you're interested in hosting. Help organize and administer the event. Reports to the Events Coordinator. Offerings. Power Ratio Challenge. Zumbathon, Yogathon, Colossus, Powerlifing, Byu-I X-fit Competition and many more.

Lazyman Ironman Manager: You will help organize and administer the event. Compile the results and send the data reports to the Events Coordinator.

Fitness Activities invites, educates and motivates all individuals to use exercise as a way to improve their physical, emotional and spiritual quality of life.