Thursday, October 17, 7 p.m., Taylor Cultural Hall

Who is invited?

  • You and your spouse (or significant other guest) are invited to attend.

Who is not invited?

  • Infants and children of students are specifically uninvited so that attention may be given to the firms that have incurred significant costs to participate.
  • Friends and neighbors of students.

Who is coming?

  1. CBIZ Mayer Hoffman McCann
  2. Cooper Norman
  3. Deloitte & Touche
  4. Dix Barrett & Stiltner
  5. Ernst & Young
  6. Galusha, Higgins & Galusha
  7. Goldman Sachs
  8. Idaho National Laboratory
  9. JD Clarke & Company
  10. Melaleuca Corporation
  11. Piercy Bowler Taylor & Kern
  12. Poston, Denney & Killpack
  13. Richey, May & Co.
  14. Savage Services, CPA
  15. Sheldon Kidd, CPA
  16. Smith, Kunz & Associates
  17. Utah State Tax Commission

What is the attire?

  • Dress is formal business attire. Sunday-style white shirts, dark-colored suits, ties, or dark-colored dresses. All dress must comply with BYU-I modesty standards.

Where is the event?

  • The event will begin in the Taylor Chapel with approximately 10 minutes of instruction. It will thereafter be moved to the Taylor Building Cultural Hall where students will spend the rest of the evening meeting the firms.