2017 Spring Semester

The mission of the Student Accounting Society (SAS) is to prepare accounting students for graduate school and a career in accounting and business by: organizing regular practices and study for the GMAT, providing information about MAcc or MBA programs and the career of Accounting, and building relationships with people in the field of accounting.

Student Accounting Society (SAS)
Francely Martinez, President
Neal Maddy, Vice President
Breanna Bujnowski, Secretary
Lincoln Cook, Tresurer
Mitchell Pope, Mentorship Officer
Landon Barney, Public Relations Officer
Katie Robinson, Activities Officer
Auria Kirkendall, Research Officer
Faculty Advisor:  Don Campbell 
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/sas.byui/ 
E-mail: sas@byui.edu
Dues:  $10 per semester 
Meets: Thursday, 2 p.m., SMI 440

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