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Faculty Tutorials


The Course Management tool allows faculty members to create new courses, copy old course, manage existing course sections, change which course names appear on the I-Learn home page, assign course assistants (TAs) to sections, and rename courses. This tool can be accessed from the I-Learn home page.
Course Visibility
Create a Blank Course
Copy an Existing Course  
Manage Assistants
Manage Student Sections
Rename Courses/Change Course Type


The Course Plan is where faculty members can create and organize course material, assign course outcomes, upload files for student access, and set assignment due dates. The Course Plan can be accessed from the I-Learn home page.
Course Plan Overview  
Course Outline Overview  
Grading Categories  
Hide Content Overview  
Resources Overview  
Restricted Access Overview  
Schedule Overview  
Course Settings  
Add an Online Quiz/Test
Add Assignment
Add Customizable Activity
Add Directory
Add Discussion Board
Add/Edit Outcome
Add Course Content
Add Folder
Add Instructor Profile
Add Homework
Add Module
Add Peer Review
Add Rubric
Add Website
Adjust Passing Score
Assign Outcomes to an Online Quiz/Test
Assign Outcomes to Online Quiz/Test Questions
Assign Outcomes to Modules
Create Groups
Edit Content Items
Item History
Password Protect an Assessment
Post/Reply in a Discussion Board
View Past Announcements


The Gradebook allows faculty members to view, grade, and provide feedback on student assignments and submissions. It can be accessed from within the Course Plan or from the I-Learn home page.
Gradebook Overview  
Curve Scores
Define Letter Grades
Excuse Student
Export Scores
Grade Assignment
Grade Discussion Board
Grading Peer Review
Grading Rubric
Grading Scale (adding +'s and -'s)
Import Scores
Import Scores From The Testing Center
Submit Grades
Submit Grades From Faculty Tab
Total Column
Weight Grades


The I-Learn Home page displays the faculty member's course list, students submissions to be graded, and the online tools available for faculty use.
Faculty Overview  
Observer Overview  


The Outcomes of a course describe what students will understand upon completing the course. Outcomes can be created and assigned within the Course Plan.
Outcomes Overview

Student Tutorials

Use these Tutorials to help you with tasks in I-Learn.

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I-Learn Overview for New Students
Access Transcript
Calendar Overview
Calendar Sync with Google
Calendar Sync with iCal
Check Assignment Submission
Post/Reply in a Discussion Board
Send Email
Start Assessment
Student Calendar
Student Peer Review
Submit Assignment
Upload Profile Photo
View Grades
"What if" Calculator