Technology Consultants & ISRs

Curious about how technology can help you achieve your course outcomes?

Consultants are available to meet with you and give personalized advice on how technology can align your instruction with the learning model. Brother Wilcock can visit with instructors in order to successfully implement technologies that will help achieve course outcomes.

Faculty Technology Center Manager

Arlen Wilcock

Arlen Wilcock

321A MCK

Wondering where to get personalized help with campus technologies?

I-Learn Services Representatives (ISR) are student employees who are proficient in current and upcoming campus technologies. Their purpose is to give you personalized support and training. This can be accomplished through an office visit, email, or a phone call.  To arrange for an office visit from your ISR, you can call x7230 or email your ISR directly. You may also send an email to

I-Learn Services Representatives

Refer to the chart below to figure out who your I-Learn Services Representative (ISR) is. You can click their name to send them an email.
Cade Peirce
Departments of Mathematics, Psychology, Teacher Ed
Jessica Maughan
Jessica Maughan
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
(except Nursing)
College of Business and Communications 
Department of History/Geography/Political Science
Steven Born
Steven Born
College of Education and Human Development
(except Psychology, Teacher Ed)
Kathryn Cue
College of Language and Letters
(except History/Geography/Political Science)
Trevor Meyer
College of Physical Sciences and Engineering
(except Mathematics)
Richard Ellis
College of Performing and Visual Arts 
Department of Nursing
Lexi Hollman
Campus Organizations 
Academic Support Centers, Academic Discovery Centers 
Auxilary Services, Library

Student Employees

Get to know our student employees. Whenever you call our office, they'll be happy to help you resolve any issues you might be having.

Note: The pictures are organized alphabetically by last name.

Jake Alverson Steven Born Spencer Brady Laura DiFiore
Jake Alverson
FTC Assistant
Steven Born
ISR & Illustrator
Spencer Brady
FTC Assistant
Cody Conder
Associate Lead Student
Kathryn Cue Laura DiFiore
Kathryn Cue
Laura DiFiore
FTC Assistant
Richard Ellis
Roland Erickson
FTC Assistant
Trevor Meyer Clint Goodman Jessica Maughan
Dustin Godshall
Clint Goodman
Web Developer
Lexi Hollman
ISR & Project Manager
Jessica Maughan
ISR & Graphic Designer
Peter Strand Jake Alverson
Cade Peirce
ISR & Lead Student
Peter Strand
FTC Assistant
Ryan Tolman
FTC Assistant
Joey Wachtveitl
FTC Assistant
Jacob Youngberg