I-Learn Information Meeting

Faculty are invited to attend an upcoming I-Learn Information Meeting. Three sessions of the one-hour meeting will be held on Thursday and Friday, December 5th and 6th Please consider arranging your schedule so that you can attend at one of the following times, if you have an interest:

Thursday at 3:15pm
Friday at 10:15am
Friday at 2:00pm

The meetings will be held in MC 387 (Special Events Room).  All three sessions will be virtually the same, so you need to attend only one.  You also don't need to RSVP; just show up.

We will be showing some of the new functionality that is coming to I-Learn in January 2014* such as:  a more mobile-friendly design, rubrics for essays, unread announcement indicator, and more...

Assorted brownie bars will be served, and student employees from the FTC (Faculty Technology Center) will be on hand to answer questions and provide support. 

We look forward to meeting with you.  Schedule it in your calendar while you're thinking about it. 

Disclaimer:  We fully anticipate that this functionality will be available in January, but if issues arise, new functionality may be withheld until issues are adequately resolved.