i>Clicker - Instructor Information

The i>Clicker audience response system is a polling system that uses a handheld remote (clicker) to collect student responses to questions posed by the instructor. Student data is recorded and then displayed on a results graph via software on the instructor’s computer.

i>Clicker may be used as a simple tool to provide instant, anonymous feedback, or as a tool to promote active learning in the classroom and give students credit for class participation and/or performance. i>Clicker is the only centrally supported audience response system on the BYU-Idaho campus.

Which i>Clicker do I need?

For the past several years the i>clicker has been used in many classrooms on campus. This clicker has just five buttons, A through E, and allows for basic multiple choice and true/false question types. (photo showing the i>clicker1) The new model (i>clicker2) has additional alpha/numeric capabilities. Instead of being able to only choose A, B, C, D, or E, students can enter words, sentences, and equations – up to 15 characters. So now a teacher can ask for a student to submit an equation, word, or simple sentence in answer to a question. (To see more about the functionality of the i>clicker2, check out this site http://www.iclicker.com/products/iclicker2/.) (photo showing close-up of the ic2 display) Starting Fall Semester 2012 BYU-Idaho will begin phasing out the ic1 clicker and migrate to the new ic2 clicker. Some teachers will require the ic2 for their classes; other teachers will allow either the ic1 or the 1c2. To see a list of the classes/teachers that require clickers and which clicker they require, click here.

If I already have an i>Clicker1, can I use it this fall instead of buying the new i>Clicker2?

Both the i>clicker and the i>clicker2 can be used in the same classroom at the same time and their responses will be added together, as long as your instructor uses only the A, B, C, D, E type of answers. Thus, a student who already has the current i>clicker will not need to purchase the new clicker – as long as the instructor doesn’t require them to respond with alpha/numeric answers to their questions. If your instructor does want to use the additional alpha/numeric capabilities, you will need to purchase the newer i>clicker2 for that class. If you already have an i>clicker1, the University Store will buy back the first 500 used i>clicker1s returned. After that, students can sell their i>clicker1s back to the i>clicker company for $10 (or on eBay or wherever they prefer to sell them).

How long will the old i>Clicker1 be used on campus?

Since we are moving to the i>clicker2, we hope to phase out the older i>clicker1 this Fall Semester. Then starting Winter Semester of 2013 faculty can move forward with the requirement that their students use the i>clicker2 in their classes.

How do I REGISTER my i>Clicker?

Your instructor will let you know which registration method they prefer. Registration can be done in class or on the web. If you need to register on the web go to http://www.iclicker.com and under Support Center select "Register Your i>clicker ." Enter your last name, first name, i>clicker serial number (found on the back of the unit), and your I- number. When you register your i>clicker, you will register the same device for all of your classes that use it. You'll need to register your remote every semester since the i>clicker website purges all registration data at the end of each semester.

The clicker number has rubbed off my remote. How can I find my clicker number?

Your clicker number (or remote ID) is a series of 8 numbers and letters located the back of the remote, just below the clicker instructions. If your remote ID has rubbed off or is illegible, you can visit the STC (Student Technology Center, MCK 360) to have your clicker number identified and a new label generated.

How do I use my i>Clicker?

To turn on your i>clicker, press the On/Off button at the bottom of the clicker. The power light should shine blue. The clicker will remain on for 90 minutes as long as there is an activated base in your classroom. If you leave class and forget to turn off your clicker, it will automatically turn off after 5 minutes. To respond to a question, press the button corresponding to the answer you wish to submit. When the vote status light shines green, your response has been received. A red flashing light indicates that your vote was not received and you will need to vote again. Additionally, your clicker will flash red if your instructor has not begun polling. If you wish to change your response, simply press the button corresponding to the new answer you wish to submit.

What if I am having problems with my i>Clicker?

First, check the batteries. There is a standard one-year limited warranty with each clicker. If it is defective, you may return it to the bookstore. If you return a clicker that you have already registered, don't forget to change your registration information at http://www.iclicker.com and inform your instructor to update his class roster information.

Is technical support available?

Yes, there is technical support available for students. You can call i>clicker’s Technical Support Center toll free at 866-209-5698 for answers about the clicker.


Visually impaired individuals find that the buttons are easy to navigate, especially when using the raised battery compartment as a tactile reference point. Braille stickers, to be placed alongside the buttons, and vibrating clickers, giving blind students evidence of vote confirmation through vibration they can feel, are available from the Student Disabilities Office.