Video and Lecture Capture

Video and Lecture Capture
By: Mac Cloward and Richard Ellis

Academic Technology is dedicated to helping faculty enhance their courses, improving learning environments, and enabling teachers to teach more effectively through the use of technology. As part of this goal, the Photo Services department provides services that help to fulfill these goals.

Classroom capture, also known as lecture capture, is an important and often essential tool for teachers. With as little as one camera and a tripod, a student is able to review and better understand what was taught. Making a lecture available online to students allows them to attain greater understanding from each class. We also capture miscellaneous activities so that learning can be extended in these areas as well. For example, dance instructors will often record their students. This allows teachers to assign more accurate grades and also gives the students an opportunity to review how they performed and how they can improve.

Occasionally, classroom capture provides an opportunity to extend these learning experiences to those who cannot attend. This also makes it possible to teach these lectures in the future to online students or when a semester's schedule won't allow for a certain subject to be taught in the normal class time.

When used properly, classroom capture can be used to help augment and improve student learning within your courses. To schedule a classroom capture session, contact the Photo Services department at ext. 7232. We ask that you try to schedule these a week or more in advance. You can also contact Jeff Smith, Head of the Photo Services department, by email at or