By: Ryan Tolman and Jacob Youngberg

Kaltura is the new video repository that is being implemented to take the place of the Benjamin server. It will also be used to house other multimedia items, which until now have been stored in faculty Box.com accounts. Anyone can access Kaltura by navigating to video.byui.edu. You can access tutorials by going to (URL)

Kaltura provides many improvements over the current system. Perhaps most important among the improvements will be increased speed and reliability. When a video is uploaded to Kaltura, several versions are created simultaneously. Depending on the bandwidth available, the video will automatically stream at a higher or lower quality. This means that it will be possible for students to access videos anywhere in the world with less frustration.

Videos uploaded to Kaltura are also cataloged in Equella, making them easily searchable and usable.

The setup and "feel" is similar to YouTube. Within the tool, users can create playlists and place them in I-Learn. Content created or uploaded by one teacher can also be used or saved in a playlist by another.

Another advantage is that videos and audio played through Kaltura are accessible on mobile devices, making it possible for students to learn on the go.

If you need assistance using Kaltura or transferring your videos from the Benjamin server to Kaltura, please contact the Faculty Technology Center. We will be happy to help!