I-Learn Community

 The I-Learn Community serves as a medium by which I-Learn users can connect and network with one
another. It also provides a place where faculty and students have the opportunity to get involved and express their questions and concerns.

 Faculty and students who post to the I-Learn Community page will be credited for their questions and solutions. Members of the Information Technology Department, Faculty Technology Center, and Help Desk read the questions and concerns posted in the community and do their best to resolve the issues. The I-Learn Community also offers helpful tips and insights that can make a user's experience smoother, as well as provide valuable information about bugs that are currently being worked on.

 The I-Learn Community page is available to all faculty and students who have active Google+ accounts. By being involved in the I-Learn Community, we hope to reduce or eliminate problems that users have in regards to I-Learn and its functions, as well as resolve different questions and concerns in a quick, easy, and informative manner.

 To access the I-Learn Community, click the link in the Resources box on the right side of the I-Learn Dashboard.