Campus Ciriculum Development

 Despite this semester's student enrollment seeing a slight drop, there is expected to be a rise in enrollment here at BYU-Idaho. Because of this influx, students will be spending more and more time on I-Learn and in online group settings as opposed to classroom settings.

 It is probably safe to assume that instructors not only want their students to be engaged and focused within
the classroom, but they also want their students to be engaged and focused while online.

 This past June, the university organized the new Campus Curriculum Development department. The CCD is made up of a team of developers and designers who want nothing more than to help instructors create aesthetically pleasing courses that keep students engaged while simultaneously helping them progress towards attaining specific learning outcomes.

 The Campus Curriculum Development department is located on the first floor of Biddulph Hall. To contact the team, please send an email to or call (208) 496-7210.