Establish Groups

Purposes of I-Learn Groups

Groups can be established in I-Learn for the following purposes:

1) Manage a single class when using multiple combined sections
If multiple sections are linked to the same master as combined sections, you can select a section group to manage a single class in the gradebook and to set different due dates for each section.  (See information below.)  You do not have to create your section groups; they automatically exist in each I-Learn section.

2) Establish groups within a class (or classes)
I-Learn can separate students into groups for collaborative projects, discussion boards or other purposes that suit your instructional needs.

I-Learn Group Features

I-Learn groups can be comprised of any number of students.  When creating assignments, assessments, or other items in the Course Plan, you can adjust the item settings to apply to all groups or to individual groups.  You can also create different group sets.  For example, you could create one group set for the purpose of discussion boards and another group set for a collaborative project.  You can create as many different group sets as you like throughout the semester.  I-Learn can create groups for you, based on your preferences.  Group members can be selected randomly, heterogeneously, or homogenously. 

Creating Group Sets

IMPORTANT:  Create your group set and apply the desired group settings before students begin submitting assignments associated with the group.

When creating a group set you will be able to specify the following:
     -  Group set name
     -  Number of groups you would like OR the approximate number of students per group
     -  How the group members will be assigned (randomly, heterogeneously, homogenously, etc.)

Tutorial - creating group sets

Text and images tutorial link

Set Different Due Dates for Each Group

Instructions for setting a different due date for each group


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