Complete the following steps to manually enter scores in the gradebook. 

Note:  Before scores can be entered, the assignment must first be added to the Course Plan.
Tutorial - Add an assignment

1.  In I-Learn, open the Gradebook.

Screenshot - select gradebook

2.  Select the desired tab.

Select the All Assignments tab or the tab for the category in which the assignment is located.  The tab labels are the grading categories you established.  The Homework tab has been selected in the screenshot below.  Use the bar at the bottom of the assignment columns to scroll right and left until the desired assignment is visible.

Screenshot of category tabs and assignments in gradebook

3.  Enter the score.

Click on the cell that is the intersection of the desired student row and the desired assignment column.  Type in the score followed by enter.  The icon just to the right of the score provides special options, such as the ability to provide feedback or to excuse a student from an assignment. 

Screenshot - entered score in gradebook

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