Set Due Dates That Will Not Carry Over in a Future Semester

It is possible to set your due dates in the schedule tab in a manner that does not allow the due dates to carry over when your section is copied for a future semester.  This is convenient since you will not have to delete the old due dates.  You simply click and drag assignments into the new semester calendar. 

1.  Navigate to the Schedule tab in the Course Plan.

2.  Open the dropdown menu next to All Groups. 

Sreenshot of groups option in schedule tab


3.  Every class is automatically a section group in I-Learn.  Select the desired section group.

4.  Drop and drag assignments into the calendar.

Note:  The default group setting is All Groups.  Under this setting, the due dates apply for all groups in the current section and all groups in future sections that are copied from it.  Thus, if the default setting is used, the due dates will be carried over into future semesters.

Tutorial -

  • Set due dates by dragging and dropping items into calendar
  • Set due dates that will not carry over in a future semester
  • Quickly delete old due dates
  • Set different due dates for each group

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