Establish Grading Settings

Essential Steps for Using the I-Learn Gradebook

Complete the following essential steps to ensure the grades calculated in I-Learn are consistent with your grading scheme. 

Step 1:  Set Your Grade Scale

Tutorials - set the grade scale type and edit the percent range for each grade

                                                Text and images tutorial link              Text only tutorial link

Step 2:  Select Your Method of Weighting

Weighted Categories

A percent weight is assigned to each grading category.

Point System

"Weighting" still occurs, based on point values assigned to graded items.  Categories may be used.  The "weight" of a category is determined by the total number of points assigned to items in the category.  

Advantages and cautions associated with each method of weighting
The next section will demonstrate how to set your method of weighting as you create your categories.

Step 3:  Create Your Grading Categories

You can establish your own grading categories to meet your instructional needs.  You can create your own categories such as:  Assignments, Quizzes, Exams, Attendance, Projects and Participation.

Tutorial - Create categories and set I-Learn to calculate grades using weighted categories or a point system

Video tutorial link

Step 4:  Create Gradable Content

For guidance related to content creation, follow the link below.  Before doing so, it may save you time to first examine the next section about gradebook settings in gradable content items.
Create Content

Step 5:  Apply Gradebook Settings in Gradable Content

In every gradable item you create, you will see a Gradebook Settings bar along the right side, as shown below.  The options available in this bar vary, depending on whether you chose weighted categories or grades weighted by a point system.

Screen shot of gradebook settings bar

Here are some helpful tips about the Gradebook Settings:

Due Dates

This tip is a great time-saver in future semesters!  You can leave the due date blank, then set the due date in the Schedule tab by dragging and dropping the item into your calendar.  It is possible to set your due dates in the schedule tab in a manner that does not allow the due dates to carry over when your section is copied for a future semester.  This is convenient in the new semester since you will not have to delete the old due dates.  You will be able to simply click and drag assignments into the new semester calendar.
Use Schedule tab to set due dates that will not carry over in a future semester

Points Possible

The points possible settings can be confusing because there are actually two values that can be set.  The labels associated with these values vary, depending on your choice of weighted categories or a point system.
Setting points possible when using weighted categories
Setting points possible when using a points system

Step 6:  Set Score Display Options

The following steps will guide you to set your score display options.

1.  Navigate to the I-Learn gradebook.

Screenshot - selecting gradebook


2.  Open the Display Options dropdown menu and select Score Display Options.

Screenshot of Display options dropdown menu

3.  Make your desired selection(s) and click OK.

Screenshot of Score Display Options window

Step 7:  Grade Items and Enter Scores in Gradebook

Scores are entered in I-Learn in one of three ways:

Submitted in I-Learn and Scored by I-Learn

Some items, such as online quizzes, are submitted by students in I-Learn and can be scored in I-Learn.  The scores for these items are automatically entered in the gradebook if the "Add to Gradebook" option is selected when the item is created.
Creating online quizzes and tests

Submitted in I-Learn, but Scored by you

Items can be submitted by students directly into I-Learn then scored by you, the instructor.  This is appropriate for assignments such as essays.
Instructions for scoring an assignment submitted to I-Learn

Submitted Directly to You (not in I-Learn) and Scored by You

Some assignments, such as art projects or handwritten assignments, may be turned in directly to you and scored by you or your grader.  The scores must be manually entered by you or your grader.
Instructions for manually entering scores

Step 8:  Submit Final Grades

Tutorials - final grade submission procedures

                                                  Text and images tutorial link              Text only tutorial link

After establishing your grading settings, it is recommended you create groups, if you plan to use them.  You can select this option from the Faculty I-Learn Resource Home.  If you do not need groups, your can proceed to creating your content, which can also be selected from the home page.  Before leaving this page, check the list of tutorials below to determine if you need the information they provide.

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Other Tutorials

The above information describes the fundamental steps necessary for gradebook use.  The tutorials below provide further information that may be useful to you.  It is recommended you view the first two tutorials, then select others to suit your needs.  Note that I-Learn scores should be backed up; the export scores tutorial will allow you back up your gradebook.

Upon completion of this section, it is recommended you create groups, if you plan to use them.  You can select this option from the Faculty I-Learn Resource Home.  If you do not need groups, your can proceed to creating your content, which can also be selected from the home page.

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