Course Master and Section

A course master is an I-Learn course that can house content, but does not contain students or due dates.  A section is linked to a master and is automatically populated with the students in the class.  Content can be created in either a course master or a section, but students can only be managed within a section. 

Course Master box that contains content and a section box that contains content and students.

Why Do I need Both a Course Master and a Section?

There are two reasons a separate course master and section are helpful:

  1. The master allows content to be created long before a student list exists.  Later, after enrollment has occurred, a section is linked to the master.  It automatically contains all of the content from the master as well as the registered students.
  2. Multiple sections can be linked to the same master.  Thus, having the master separate from the sections is convenient if you teach more than one class of the same course.  In that circumstance, you can create your content in a single master, but yet have a separate section for each class.

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