• All content, due dates and students can be managed within a single location:  the section.  The master can be hidden and does not need to be used.  This reduces confusion about where your content is located.
  • For a future semester, you can create a new master by copying the section, since it will contain all content created in either the master or the section.


  • Content created in the section will not exist in the master.  This is not a problem if you always work from the section.
  • If content is created in the master, then modified in the section, any further changes must be made in the section.  When content is created in a master, then modified in a section, the transmission of data from the master to the section no longer occurs for that specific content item.  If you always work from your section, this will never be a problem.
  • In future semesters, to create a new master, copy from the section, not the master.

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