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A Master With Multiple Combined Sections Linked to It


  • Content can be created in a single location that will apply to all classes in the combined section.  This is a great time-saver!  The content can be created in either the master or the section.  
  • All content, due dates and students can be managed within a single location:  the section.  The master can be hidden and does not need to be used.  This reduces confusion about where your content is located.       
  • Due dates can be set in the section and will apply to all classes.  If different due dates are desired for each class, they can be set individually by selecting the group(s) for whom the due date applies.
  • You can view data for all students in a single combined list, or it can be viewed by class through selecting the appropriate group.
  • For a future semester, you can create a new master by copying the section, since it will contain all content created in either the master or the section.


  • If your content is not the same for all classes, it may be simpler to have separated sections.  When content is not the same for all classes, you will need to set the visibility so that it is only viewable by the students whom you intend to see it.
  • To manage student classes separately, such as setting due dates or entering grades, the appropriate group must first be selected.
  •  Content created in the section will not exist in the master.  This is not a problem if you always work from the section.
  • If content is created in the master, then modified in the section, any further changes must be made in the section.  When content is created in a master, then modified in a section, the transmission of data from the master to the section no longer occurs for that specific content item.  If you always work from your section, this will never be a problem.
  • In future semesters, to create a new master, copy from the section, not the master.
  • You will not be able to use the Groups tool to automatically assign groups for a specific section.  When groups are created, group members in a single group will be pulled from the entire student list.  This list includes the students from all classes in the combined section.  Unless you hand-pick the groups, you will not be able to create student groups in which all group members are in the same class.

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