Step by Step Practice - Creating Flyer DOC

Practice for Word Processing

In the Word Processing portion of the TCA, you will be required to use Microsoft Word to produce a document similar to the example shown on this page. We have identified 14 basic skills that are tested by this assessment. The skills are itemized in the list below.

Word Processing Help

Never used Microsoft Word before? Here are some great tutorials created by Microsoft that will teach you the basics of word processing: Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorials.

Specific Tasks for the TCA

Create a flyer to send home with your students giving information about your science class. The flyer should look identical to the example shown on the right (same layout, colors, font, etc.). You can use the content for the flyer provided (to help you save time). When you are finished, save your flyer as a Word document called "science_flyer.doc". Make sure you can do the following:

  • Change the page to a landscape (horizontal) orientation.
  • Format text into two columns
  • Adjust the top margin to 2 inches.
  • Copy and paste the text from the link above.
  • Add 4 bullet items to the list.
  • Insert a 2X2 table and add text.
  • Insert a text box and add a headline.
  • Change the font of the headline to blue 26 pt. Verdana bold.
  • Change the font of the content text to red 14 pt. Georgia.
  • Insert the image of the students into the right column.
  • Insert two shapes.
  • Add text to the shapes.
  • Change the fill color of one of the shapes.
  • Insert a hyperlink from the word "syllabus" to
  • One additional item. [Since technology proficiency includes the ability to find help when you need it, on the assessment you will be asked to demonstrate one additional skill. You will not know what that skill is until you come to take the assessment. If you do not know how to do the skill, you may use any helps built in to the word processing program. You will also be able to use any website (,,, etc.). You will not be able to ask another person (friend, relative, lab assistant, etc.) by any means (chat, email, cell phone, face-to-face, etc.).]
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