Note: Pathway students and all other students who are not living in the Rexburg area should not make an appointment through Tutortrac.  Instead, follow this link to make an appointment with online tutors, or email your paper to

Schedule your appointment online:

  1. Click here to open TutorTrac, the online scheduling system.
  2. Login to TutorTrac, and then click "Search Availability...".
  3. Select "Writing" for the Center, "Writing Center" for the section, and the click "Search"
  4. Find a tutor with a time that works for you.  Click on the time and save the appointment.
  5. To get the most out of your session, email your tutor a draft of your paper so the tutor can reivew it before the session.
  6. Show up on time.  Check in with the supervisor and wait to meet your tutor.

If you are having trouble, call 208.496.4288 for help scheduling your appointment.