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Tutor Training Material

Video Presentations

1) 6 PQ

2) The Imperatives of Tutoring

3) Procedures

4) Beginning and Ending a Tutoring Session

Prezi Presentations

1) 6 PQ

2) Imperatives

3) Tutoring Stratagies

4) Group Management

5) Learning Process

6) Counter-Productive Learning Traits

PDF Trainings

1) Orientation and ABC's

2) 6 PQ

3) Bloom's Questioning Strategies

4) Strategies for Tutoring

5) Group Management

6) Learning Process

7) Counter-Productive Learning Traits

8) Giving Constructive Feedback

9) Target Populations

Tutoring Strategies

1) Explicit Strategies

Tutortrac Training

1) No Status

Online Tutoring

1) Online Tutor Training (High Definition)