BYU-Idaho Return Checklist

  • Do I have a current ecclesiastical endorsement? Contact the Student Honor Office at (208) 496-9300 to get your hold resolved.
  • Have I contacted my satellite Academic Advising to get help with what classes I need to register for on my next semester back? The Satellite Academic Advising webpage can give you the contact information you need for your advising center.
  • When do I need to register for classes? The Student Records and Registration webpage can give you the registration dates you need for your next upcoming semester: When can you register?
  • Have I signed up for housing? Contact the Housing Office at: (208) 496-9220.
  • After sitting out two consecutive semesters, your Suspension will be lifted and you will be automatically placed on Academic Probation. In order to return to Good Academic Standing fulfill the requirements listed in the "Climb to Good" section of the Academic Probation page.